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Mother Root from the house of Millex

Mother Root:

Millex as produced another value added product for infants, between 8 months to 30 months it is important to feed your children a solid food which should be completely free from chemicals, artificial flavors and colors, Mother Root is the product invented from the house of Millex for this reason. More details related to the product is given as below.

In order for a human health condition to be as good as the proverbial growing seedling, it must be taken care of in his childhood. There is a saying that in the past, it is impossible to provide the nutritious foods that the elders gave to young children, especially in urban areas. However, Millex Mother Root is the product of this talk. If you give this mother root to your children, you will notice the growth and agility in that child. Many mothers have used this Millex Mother Root product and have been happy with the changes in their child.

Ingredients used in Mother Root

Millex Mother Root product includes Finger millet, red rice, sprouted green gram, wheat, barley, toor dal, peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, cardamom, black pepper and pistachios. All these ingredients are hand cleaned, washed twice, then Sun dried, Roasted and then finally powdered and packed. At most care is taken while preparing Mother root since this is to be given for infants as their first food or early food.

Chemicals free ‘Mother Root’ : Only Natural ingredients used to produce !

Millex Mother Root product is completely free from chemicals, artificial flavors, sugar and additives. Hence this food can be given to any child in between 8 months to 30 months undoubtedly, which helps in the healthy growth of the baby.

How to cook Millex Mother root for your child at home :

Cooking Mother root is very easy! Mix one and a half tablespoon of millex powder with 200 ml of milk and 200 ml of water(Make sure there are no lumps). Then add a small piece of jaggery or pinch of salt to your taste and boil it on the stove for about 5 mins. Millex Mother root is ready to serve like a kheer in just 5 mins.

Mother root is as equal to our Sari hittu, But the method of production is done very hygienically to ensure that the food prepared from mother root can be given to any child in between 8 to 30 months.

What customers says about Mother Root?

Millex Mother Root product has been purchased by Ashwini and started to be given to her child. Ashwini has found child is very energetic, healthy and active than they were before. "Five to ten minutes is enough to cook it and my kid likes to eat Mother Root," Ashwini said.

Wide range of products from Millex is produced in a small village called Kammardi near Sringeri with a vision of ‘Local to Global’, Millex products are now being exported to different countries. With this it is understood that the clear vision is very important and following the right path is the key for success.

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