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My son was about 6 months old and I was about to introduce solid foods as suggested by Doctor. I wanted something traditional & healthy yet quick & easy to make at home. But I found most of the foods available in the market were filled with chemicals, excess sugar, milk powder, artificial flavors, colors, Additives etc.

Then I decided to never feed my son these tin foods. But what about other babies who were eating them because their parents had not other option or were not aware about the harmful effects of these additives? There started the journey of Millex Mother Root, initially it was just a food prepared by me and later when introduced to the market the name given as Millex Mother Root. This idea triggered me to think of bringing back traditional baby food recipes that were made just like how our grandmas made it for us!

Then we introduced Millex Millets health mix, Mother Root and then Millex Millets dosa premix to our society.

MY CO-FOUNDERS! MY HUSBAND AND HIS BROTHER Of course, I did not create Millex all by myself. My husband was my pillar of strength. Right from the beginning of deciding the best recipes, to physically working out how to soak, sprout, roast and create a final recipe –He has been there. My idea is getting a good shape just because of them. Also my family members have supported me a lot, Thanks to all of them.

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NABL accredited laboratories

Our products are tested in a NABL accredited laboratories to make sue the required amount of Nutritional contents are present in the final product. And also to make sue the Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Amino acids required to help human body are present in that.


Hygiene precautions 

We understand people especially new parents would be doubtful about the safety, hygiene precautions of Millex products too, And that is why we send random samples of our own products to be tested for the nutritional contents, Vitamins and Minerals. These reports not just help you trust Millex, but also helps us keep an eye on our raw material suppliers.


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Wide range of products from Millex is produced in a small village called Kammardi near Sringeri with a vision of ‘Local to Global’, Millex products are now being exported to different countries. With this it is understood that the clear vision is very important and following the right path is the key for success.

To achieve all this we mostly depend on few women employees, They joined us few years back and now with the continues trainings they are able to handle machineries, electrical malfunctioning, create invoices, operate Amazon databases, read & write more confidently, and most importantly look upon themselves with a lot of dignity & self-respect!

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